Bears attempt to break into parked cars at school, Twitter responds with glee

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Black Bear (Ursus americanus) mother and cubs investigate a car for food.Black Bear (Ursus americanus) mother and cubs investigate a car for food.

It’s 2016, and bears have more than human enemies to face — they now have social media. 

Earlier today, ABC7 reported that an unspecified number of bears were trying to break into parked cars at Tyler Elementary School in Gainesville, Virginia. This isn’t the first time — there have been multiple bear sightings this week — but people on social media responded with alarm, confusion, and bear-appropriate GIFs. As Twitter does.  

A letter sent by school officials to parents this week advised parents of the bear sightings. Bears are indigenous to the Gainesville community and do not impose immediate harm until approached. 

Twitter responded to the sudden outbreak of crime among bears with a series of hilarious puns, GIFS, and emoji.

Read, and bear with me.

Police are encouraging everyone to keep food out of their cars.

Bears: they just want to snack like the rest of us. 

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Source: Mashable Weird News

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